5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming a Flextech

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming a Flextech

MOT testers and vehicle technicians! Have you ever thought about becoming a contractor (flextech)? For many, leaving the security of a permanent job and delving into the world of short-term contracts may seem like a massive change and a risk not worth taking. However, if you want to earn good money and take control of your work-life balance, becoming a flextech may just be the best career decision you ever make! Here is why:

The Money

You can earn more money as a flextech. Contract recruitment agencies such as Autotech Recruit can pay up to £20 an hour if you are willing to travel and stay away.

If you’re worried about the myth that you cannot get a mortgage without 2 years’ worth of accounts, freelancers can get access to the same high street mortgages as permanent employees.

The Variety

Bored of travelling to the same place each day? Then contracting could be for you. The variety is endless with companies ranging from fast-fit groups, national dealerships, independent garages and government organisations needing MOT testers and vehicle technicians to fulfill their short-term requirements. We all know about the skill shortage in the industry right now! You will get to learn new skills, meet new people, and just as you start to get bored, you get to move on to another workshop.

The Flexibility

Are you fed up of using your holiday for the kids’ sports day or want your weekends back? The joy of contracting is that it works around you and your family. You can work as and when you are available – full weeks, weekends, or just odd days here and there. Contracting can be as flexible as you like.

Not all flextechs have to be self-employed either – a lot of temporary workers get paid through umbrella payment companies, who process their payroll and cover them with insurance.

The Travelling

If you like being on the road and travelling to different locations, then contracting could be great for you as clients are all over the UK. Not to say every contract is going to be miles away; some may be right on your doorstep!

The Perks

There are many perks of becoming a flextech but one that beats that of any permanent employment is that you can offset any fuel, meals, tools and stay-away expenses against your tax, giving you a bit of a tax relief.

And one more perk – we’ll pay you for referring your friend!

Does contracting sound like something for you? Please register here and one of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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