Autotech Talks...the 2030 ban on the sale of petrol & diesel vehicles

An industry panel sharing their views on the challenges for the automotive industry heading towards 2030

Autotech Talks…the 2030 ban of petrol and diesel vehicles

Panel discussion

To mark the opening of our EV Training Suite, Gavin White, CEO of Autotech Group is joined by an expert panel from the automotive industry to discuss the impact of the ban of the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles (2030) and what this means for different sectors of the industry.

A wide-ranging discussion, co-chaired by Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI, covered topics from insurance to parts supply and training.

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  1. Welcome: Gavin White, Autotech Group
  2. Introductions: Steve Nash, The IMI
  3. Insurance: Ben Davies, Marsh Commerical (3 mins)
  4. Technology : Ben Smith, Pecuvi (12 min)
  5. Aftermarket part suppliers : Prashant Chopra, Autogem (20 mins)
  6. Vehicle Maintenance Products: Andy Cotton, BG Products (30 mins)
  7. Diagnostics & Training: Kevin Kelly, Bosch (43 mins)
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