Top 10 Traits of Temporary Vehicle Technicians

Top 10 Traits of Temporary Vehicle Technicians

This article was originally published on 17 August 2020

Our list of top 10 traits of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers

We asked our clients what they were looking for in a contractor. Based on their responses, we have created a list of the top 10 traits of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers that our clients seek.


It this post, we explain how an Autotech Recruit contractor demonstrates these competencies and values every day.

Skilled / Hybrid & EV trained

Above all, with the introduction of new technologies, our clients now want our temporary vehicle technicians to be trained in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Safety. As more and more electric and hybrid cars come onto the market, being EV trained will become an obligatory skill. This is not only for our clients, but for the safety of our contractors too. Autotech Recruit are also working towards an objective to make every contractor electric and hybrid aware by 2021.


Our clients need freelance vehicle technicians and MOT testers to show up on time to get the job done in the agreed timeframes. This trait is very important as it reflects professionalism and the respect our clients have for their work, and fellow staff members. Moreover, punctuality helps a temporary technician stand out as reliable and trustworthy, one who our clients can rely on to deliver on time.


Automotive businesses today have a wide range of requirements and permanent staff simply do not always have the capacity to meet these needs. As a result, they highly value temporary MOT testers and vehicle technicians for their availability. Particularly those who are ready to perform certain tasks or work shifts that their permanent staff can’t fulfil.

Own tools

All temporary technicians are required to have their own toolboxes and basic tools. As a consequence, our contractors are always fully prepared and take good care of their tools.  They also frequently buy specific tools in order to help them become more productive.

Good communicator

Good communication is one of the most important skills a contract vehicle mechanic/MOT tester can have. Most importantly, being able to get information across quickly and clearly makes work more efficient. It also ensures any unnecessary conflict is avoided.

Looks smart

Looking presentable at work is highly important to all of our freelance vehicle technicians and MOT testers. This is regardless of whether the garage/workshop has a strict uniform policy, or it is a little more lenient. People will take a contractor less seriously if they arrive on an assignment looking scruffy, and assume that their work is not taken seriously.


Further, a smart and clean appearance will generate more trust and assurance that work will be carried out to the highest standard.


We have a reputation for supplying quality technicians and MOT testers to workshops all over the UK. Our clients know they can rely on our contractors to have at least 5 years of practical experience and be trained to level 3. In other words, by sticking to these high standards we ensure that our clients receive the very best service.


The way a contract vehicle technician/MOT tester behaves in the workplace reflects not just on them, but on Autotech Recruit too. We expect our contractors to be professional at all times, in both their work, and personal interactions.

Can-do attitude

It takes a certain kind of person to be a contractor.  A “can-do” attitude is one of the strengths every one of our successful contract vehicle technician and MOT testers displays. Clients value this, which often results in them asking contractors back time and time again.


Temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers need to be attentive to detail and switched on to ensure that each task is completed safely and efficiently, and in line with the clients’ requirements. To sum up, when working on a vehicle, it’s important that they stay alert to the little details. Doing so will avoid any unnecessary incidents.

If you think you tick most (or, even better, all) these boxes, we would like to hear from you. Please use our online form to get in touch.

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