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Temporary Staff Can Make a Fantastic Impact on Garage’s Customer Satisfaction Levels

Temporary Staff Can Make a Fantastic Impact on Garage’s Customer Satisfaction Levels

Have you ever considered hiring temporary staff at your garage, but feared it might compromise the quality of your customer service? Don’t be afraid of hiring our temporary MOT testers and technicians – they are all highly-skilled and efficient, but most of all, they understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

At Autotech Recruit, we do everything in our power to provide excellent service on an ongoing basis and our contractors are the main ambassadors of our business. We see our clients’ satisfaction as strongly correlated with their customers’ satisfaction, that’s why we strive to ensure that all our contractor MOT testers and vehicle technicians work to the highest standards.

Not only are they vetted before joining our network, they are also required to sign Contractor Charter, which sets out the dos and dont’s whilst they work for Autotech Recruit. We collaborate with clients during and after each contract assignment to assure that our technicians and testers fulfill their expectations and represent the brand in a professional manner, treating everyone respectfully and with the highest level of customer service. 

It is clear to see that this has a direct impact on our clients’ own customer satisfaction levels, testament in the below Google review, in which one of our client garage’s customers praises Autotech Recruit’s contract MOT tester. Our temporary staff can make a fantastic impact on your own customer satisfaction levels!

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