Student’s Diary: My Work Experience at Autotech Recruit

Student’s Diary: My Work Experience at Autotech Recruit

Dylan standing in from of the Autotech Recruit office
Dylan filming Andrew Jolly during his work experience
Marketing team meeting with Dylan

In early July, Autotech Recruit had the pleasure of welcoming 17-year-old Dylan for a week of work experience with our marketing team to help him develop understanding of the working world. Here’s a roundup of his experiences throughout the week.

My name is Dylan and I’m a student at Kimberly College. I am currently doing my A-levels in Business, Psychology and English and, as part of my time at the college, I am required to do work experience. As I am performing the best in Business and find it to be the most interesting, I thought that it would be a good option to do something in this field for my work experience. I stumbled on Autotech Recruit as my girlfriend’s mum works there and said she could help me get a place in marketing, which interested me.

On my first day, I entered the building with zero exceptions but was immediately met with a very friendly team who had prepared a timetable of things to do for me throughout the week and took me through what their jobs in marketing were like. Over the week, I spent my time taking part in various marketing meetings trying many of the tasks which are done in the marketing sector. One of the members of the marketing team named Jacob took me through his job which particularly interested me which involved handling the company’s social media accounts, so I was able to see the various software he uses to do his job, such as Photoshop and video editing software, and to start to grasp how to use it despite how complicated it seemed at first glance. The rest of the team (Kasia and Lynsey) took me through the slightly more general marketing activities and the kinds of things they do on a daily basis which mostly involved trying to get the company media coverage and give it the best reputation possible. This took many different forms every day such as events or maybe just trying to get people to leave them reviews which definitely kept things fresh in their field as no day was ever the same for them.

On one of my last days, although I spent most of my time with the marketing team, I was taken downstairs to see what the other teams in the office do and what their jobs were like. Firstly, I saw a man called James who checked if people were appropriate for a job by looking at their qualifications and then speaking with them on the phone to determine what kind of job they would want and what kind of job the business could offer based on their location, he also took me through a call, so I could hear what it was like. I was then taken to a lady called Hannah who handled the permanent contracts and was new to the office as the business never used to focus on this area of work as much. She went through many CVs and checked if people were suitable for a job and took them through to the end of the process where the client would offer the job.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Autotech Recruit and it gave me a really good look into all of these people’s jobs, giving me a good insight as to whether this was something I wanted to pursue in the future. All the people here were friendly and even though I can be a shy person at times I never felt afraid to ask questions about things I was interested in. I would recommend this experience for anyone as it is a good insight if you are struggling to decide what you want to do in the future.

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