Winding Down From a Full-Time Technician or MOT Tester Job

Winding Down From a Full-Time Technician or MOT Tester Job

This article was originally published on 7 June 2019

Semi-retired MOT tester on working on his contract assignmentToday, almost one-third of retirees keep working and actively seek part-time positions to boost their retirement pot, while keeping active. While the majority of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers within the automotive aftermarket are inherently full-time vehicle technicians seeking a better work-life balance and higher earning potential, the number of semi-retired mechanics working as freelancers is also growing. Meet one of them, Chris, who became a contractor in a bid to generate additional income whilst still keeping his hand in the ever-evolving industry.

In Chris, 52, owned his own garage. Working long hours, and juggling the challenges of running his own business, Chris sold his garage in a bid to create a more balanced lifestyle.

“Owning your own business is rewarding yet challenging, and it takes a huge amount of time,” Chris explains. “While the timing was right to sell the company, I wasn’t ready to throw the tools in altogether. I needed a job which would keep me busy a few days a week, allow me to supplement my income, and give me a better quality of life.”

After seeing an Autotech Recruit advert, Chris, who lives in Leighton Buzzard with his wife and two daughters, contacted the company and joined as a temporary MOT tester last year.

Working part-time, Chris speaks to his dedicated consultant at Autotech Recruit once a week to establish where there are job opportunities for him. Regularly working three days a week, Chris is rarely placed further than 35-40 miles away from home and is frequently asked back to the same garages. “I relish the fact that I can walk into a garage, do my job and then just go home at the end of the day.”

One of the foremost challenges Chris faced as a garage owner was the struggle to recruit technicians. “So many vehicle technicians had left the trade, so it was an ongoing challenge to find the ones who were sufficiently qualified,” Chris explains.

“Taking on temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers to stem the technician deficit is a great way to ensure that a garage or workshop can keep running efficiently. The industry is crying out for them.”

As the industry continues to evolve and vehicles become more complex and technical, Chris appreciates the fact that, in order to remain employable as an MOT Tester, he needs to adapt. “The onus to train is on me, however, there are many training opportunities available via Autotech Recruit which will enable me to upskill and keep up with the industry.”

Looking to the future, Chris is keen to continue on the freelance route and has recently purchased a holiday home in Cornwall. “Who knows, demand for temporary MOT testers is nationwide so I might get a placement down there, which will give me an excuse to stay in the cottage and surf after work!”

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