Reporting Accidents and Injuries

Reporting Accidents and Injuries

This article was originally published on 13 April 2015

In this article, we would like to help our contractors understand the importance of notifying Autotech Recruit about any accidents or injuries that have affected them in the working day. Whether it is a cut finger or a road traffic accident, it is important that Autotech Recruit is made aware immediately of the circumstances. There are internal procedures that need to be followed on behalf of our clients and in some cases insurance claims need to be made.

It is a serious issue that needs bringing to our contractors’ community and we would like to ask everyone to read this and take note.

Throughout February and March MOT tester and vehicle technician contractors appear to have had a series of vehicle accidents and injuries. We came across one example where a road traffic accident happened in February and we only found out about it 3 weeks later when the client sent us an invoice for the damage. Not only is this highly embarrassing for our company, but it has taken away the opportunity to fully investigate the situation and act appropriately.

However big or small the incident is, please let us know what has happened as soon as possible. Autotech Recruit has a duty of care to look after our MOT tester and vehicle technician contractors on site and we wish to fulfil our objectives to the full.

Accidents happen from time to time, that is the nature of any work environment. This does not mean that it would necessarily impact on your further work with Autotech Recruit in the future, so please do not be scared of owning up, if something has happened. We would rather know, than not at all.

Most of all, we would like to genuinely ask all our contractors to take care out there. We know that sometimes you are put under tight time pressure to finish jobs. We would rather you took your time and did the job properly, than rush and ultimately have an accident or miss something on a vehicle. We would rather have tough conversations with managers, due to their own pressures, rather than calling one of your relatives with serious or bad news.

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