Autotech Recruit Are Proud to Sponsor the IAAF’s Industry Briefing in Milton Keynes

Autotech Recruit Are Proud to Sponsor the IAAF’s Industry Briefing in Milton Keynes

This article was originally published on 19 March 2019

IAAF Industry Briefing in MKAutotech Recruit are very pleased to sponsor the IAAF’s (Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation) upcoming Industry Briefing, which is taking place at Stadium MK in Milton Keynes on Thursday 21 March.

Steered by the IAAF’s Head of Membership Development Mike Smallbone, the session is taking place in the venue’s Performance Suite. Members will be brought up to speed with the latest developments across the aftermarket within the past few months, with the opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s top guest speakers.

GiPA’s Quentin Le Hetet will lead the morning’s proceedings with a discussion entitled ‘What does the next 5 years hold for the independent aftermarket?’, building on his speech delivered at the IAAF Conference in December.

Also invited to speak is Ben Stockton, from new IAAF member Our Virtual Academy, who will be addressing attendees on upskilling vehicle technicians using video technology to enhance their knowledge and expertise, with the opportunity for IAAF members to potentially engage.

Smallbone will also be giving an update on the Your Car Your Choice campaign, as well as sharing the latest news on IAAF’s activity including Type Approval, the Connected Car and this year’s IAAF Golf Day events in conjunction with automotive industry charity BEN.

Smallbone said: “After a high number of new sign-ups to IAAF’s membership over the past 12 months, we’re relishing the prospect of meeting with our new members and hearing their industry viewpoint. As this is the first Industry Briefing Session since the Conference, we’re very much looking forward to giving aftermarket businesses further opportunity to reunite and network.

“We’re delighted to welcome back seasoned IAAF speaker Quentin, and Ben will no doubt give our members fascinating insight into the latest virtual technology that will enable more technicians to be equipped with the skills this industry needs more of.”

A further three meetings will be held and announced throughout the year, with details of the next meeting to follow in due course.

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