Meet Nathan, Our Star Contractor of the Month for April

Meet Nathan, Our Star Contractor of the Month for April

This article was originally published on 23 May 2019

April 2019 star contractor of the month - Nathan

We are delighted to announce Nathan as our Star Contractor of the Month for April.

Nathan showed an outstanding commitment throughout the month and worked a whopping total of 238 hours, providing temporary cover for our clients, one of them 150 miles away from his home.

Nathan is a fantastic technician, with a great can-do attitude and passion for the industry, and our clients always want to rebook him.

As testament to his dedication, a few days ago Nathan was involved in an accident on his way to work early in the morning and his van was written off. Keen not to let our client down, Nathan left his van with a recovery company and made the rest of the journey to our client’s workshop using public transport.

Nathan, you are a true Star Contractor and thank you for being part of Autotech Recruit! Your £100 Love2shop voucher and a certificate of recognition are in the post.

When we asked Nathan a few questions about his experience as a vehicle technician and his time with Autotech Recruit, here’s what he told us…

What made you become a technician?

I love the passion of the industry, the spark, the energy, and the beautiful engineering put into some of the best cars in the world.

What is your favourite make of car and why?

Audi S5 2008 supercharged which I own: the performance, handling, straight curved lines of perfection.

What is the best car you have ever got to fix?

My father’s fully rebuilt Mercedes Cosworth (everything from build to engine).

If you weren’t a technician, what would you be?

An officer in the Royal Army.

What 3 words sum up your work with Autotech Recruit?

Great, reliable, passion.

What is your perfect Sunday?

My daughter and I getting our hands dirty fully restoring an MK1 Fiesta xr2.

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