Autotech Recruit Launches Bespoke Manufacturer-Led Recruitment Programme

Autotech Recruit Launches Bespoke Manufacturer-Led Recruitment Programme

This article was originally published on 22 February 2018

Autotech Recruit is rolling out a Manufacturer-Led Recruitment programme – which is set to significantly cut the time it takes to employ temporary technicians, counteracting the significant loss of revenue through empty servicing ramps.

 The move responds to growing calls from leading car manufactures for highly skilled technicians to take on temporary roles, to ensure every one of their workshops across the country has the capacity to meet current, and increasing, demand.

Many car manufacturers cite the time it takes to recruit technicians, up to a minimum three months in some cases, and the process of screening candidates to work on such a short timescale, as a deterrent to filling temporary positions.

Under the new Manufacturer-Led Recruitment programme, once an alliance has been formed, Autotech Recruit will develop a bespoke solution to suit each manufacturer’s specific requirements. This includes access to an exclusive online booking portal, enabling dealers or authorised service centres to place requests for temporary cover, which will be fulfilled instantly, all-inclusive rates, and the experience of a dedicated nationwide team of recruitment specialists.

Significantly, as many manufacturers prefer technicians to be trained to their specific standards, Autotech Recruit will take a pool of contractors through a manufacturer’s training programme, and equip them with the appropriate workwear, to ensure they have a team ready to hit the ground running.

With its network of over 450, experienced, and highly qualified technicians and MOT testers, across the UK, Autotech Recruit embark upon a robust vetting process before submitting candidates for any automotive position.

“As an agency which works solely for the technical automotive industry, our over-riding objective is to keep workshops running and this underpins the Manufacturer-Led Programme,” comments Gavin White, Managing Director of Autotech Recruit. “The skills shortage is currently being felt across the whole of the country, and workshops and dealers under leading car manufacturers are not immune to this.”

“Our growing pool of approved candidates cover the UK and can be placed within temporary positions within days, enabling us to bridge any skills gaps and help dealers fulfil increasing demand for their services.”

“The service launched nationwide in January 2018, and already dealers from several leading car manufacturers have benefited from this innovate programme,” Gavin concludes.

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