An Internship Could be Your Golden Ticket to a Motor Trade Job

An Internship Could be Your Golden Ticket to a Motor Trade Job

This article was originally published on 19 November 2021

Are you thinking about a career in the automotive industry? It is never been a better time to join. If you are qualified as a vehicle technician but lack practical experience, an internship could be your gateway to a permanent position.

Automotive internship
Becoming a vehicle technician is an exciting career choice for the future

Colleges across the country are offering courses that are taught within state-of-the-art workshops, many featuring electric cars as the automotive industry gears up for the biggest disruption in its history.

Sitting at the forefront of technological advancements, with the arrival of EVs, connected and autonomous vehicles, the face of the servicing and repair sector is set to change. No longer will physical clues like an engine knocking or an oil leak guide a mechanic servicing a vehicle. The mechanic working in the garage of the future will need digital skills to diagnose issues and wages will become increasingly competitive.

For students who have taken the automotive route and are studying towards a level 3 qualification, a new internship initiative is offering the best chance of employment, and above minimum wage earnings.

Autotech Academy offers internships for vehicle technicians

Autotech Academy is the newest division of Autotech Group, a company that creates employment and training solutions for independent garages, fast fit companies, and dealer groups including Ford, Skoda, Toyota, and BMW.

Cited as the ‘missing link’ between colleges and automotive employers, Autotech Academy’s internship programme, runs over a period of 3-12 months and gives newly qualified students the opportunity to gain vital experience and put their college-taught theory into practice.

What does the automotive internship involve?

Autotech Academy interns receive a tool kit worth £1,000, which is theirs to keep if they transition to permanent employment, uniform, and ongoing training through a vehicle manufacturer’s own facility, or through equivalent OEM standard training such as Bosch. They will also be trained to Level 3 IMI Electric Vehicle accreditation and receive ongoing mentoring and support.

During their placement, Autotech Academy's interns are paid a monthly wage and the hourly rates are currently between £9 and £11.

“Autotech Academy have been amazing. They took all the hard work out of the job-seeking process, from finding a placement, providing me with tools and a uniform, and making the introductions. I just had to prove myself,” comments an intern working at Richmond ŠKODA.

If you have recently qualified as a level 3 vehicle technician, an Autotech Academy internship could be the perfect way for you to gain hands-on experience and secure a fantastic permanent role. Register for your automotive internship today!

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