Creating Opportunities for Generation Z and the Importance of Harnessing a Passion for the Industry

Creating Opportunities for Generation Z and the Importance of Harnessing a Passion for the Industry

Ben Shaw receives a tool kit from Autotech Recruit and In n Out Autocentres

At Autotech Recruit we are committed to being part of the solution to provide employment opportunities to the future generation of vehicle technicians. However, it is well-documented that creating opportunities for college leavers, dubbed Generation Z, is complex. Not only do we need to highlight the high-tech nature of the modern motor vehicle and challenge the pre-conception that the industry is dirty and oily, we also need to give them a chance.

“Newly qualified vehicle technicians, who have a lack of work experience, are falling into a void and many are lost to other industries,” Gavin White, managing director, Autotech Recruit comments. “It is vital that we, as an industry, recognise and harness future vehicle technicians, particularly those who demonstrate a passion for the motor trade, and offer them a career path wherever possible.”

At Autotech Recruit, we pride ourselves on delivering an innovative approach to recruitment, creating bespoke solutions for our clients to specifically suit their needs. This also includes understanding the values of a company and sourcing like-minded candidates.

In‘n’Out Autocentres, who we recently partnered with to fulfil all their permanent recruitment and training needs, share our belief in providing opportunities to the generation coming out of education to secure the future of the automotive industry and, testament to this, when 19-year-old Ben Shaw (third from the left in the picture) applied for a position, we worked with In‘n’Out to carve out an opportunity for him.

With an IMI Level 3 light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Ben was in the challenging position of being qualified, but with no experience, he was struggling to find employment. So eager to find work within the industry, Ben was prepared to take on an apprentice role with In‘n’Out, even though he had already completed the training.

Impressed by Ben’s eagerness, and love of the automotive sector, In‘n’Out recognised the need to harness his talent, despite his lack of experience and tools, and offered him a role as a vehicle technician, within the company’s Northampton site.

In addition, to set Ben on the career path to become a fully-fledged vehicle technician, Autotech Recruit teamed up with In‘n’Out to purchase his first tool-kit.

“While much of the focus today is given over to recruiting highly skilled and experienced vehicle technicians, we need to be mindful of providing opportunities to the up and coming generation whenever potential and ambition is recognised, to secure the future of the automotive industry,” Gavin concludes.

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