Guide to Contractor Timesheets

Guide to Contractor Timesheets

This article was originally published on 27 March 2015

Guide to Contractor TimesheetsAll MOT Tester and Vehicle Technician contractors are required to fill in paper based timesheets detailing the work you have done for the Client. This information has been compiled to help all Autotech Recruit contractors, especially the newer ones, understand our timesheet process.

Please take your time to familiarise yourself with this information, so it’s easier for you and the client to complete the timesheet correctly and capture all the data we have to report on. Receiving a correctly filled-in timesheet enables us to streamline the administration side of contracts which in the long run means that we are in a better position to bring on more clients, in turn benefiting you as a contractor by having more work available through Autotech Recruit.

As you will see on the downloadable timesheet there are only 5 sections YOU need to fill out:

1) You need to put your FULL NAME in the ‘Contractors Name’ box

2) Make sure the week ending date is Sunday’s date, of the week you have just finished. It is not the date you worked up to that week. It should always be Sunday’s date

3) Next the hours worked against each day should be filled out correctly. All our contracts are now paid on an hourly rate and therefore you will complete your timesheet to reflect the ACTUAL hours worked each day. Definition of hours worked: We stipulate to our clients we guarantee a minimum 8 hour day for our contractors (unless specifically told otherwise) therefore as long as you are on site and available to work from the specified opening time then should the client choose to let you leave early all you need to do is reiterate that you are prepared to stay to complete the 8 hours, if the client is still happy for you to leave then you are well within your rights to put 8.0 hours down for that day for sign off. Obviously, if you have to leave early for whatever reason, regardless of whether there are MOTs or not booked in, you should already have made your consultant at Autotech aware that you cannot fulfil the contracted hours, but you can only then put down the hours you have worked that day. Being paid hourly does give you the opportunity to earn more than 8 hours, should there be work booked in, being asked to work through breaks or lunch etc. If you end up working more than 8 hours then again you should be putting down the actual hours worked to the nearest half hour: 8.5, 9.0, 9.5, etc.

4) Number of MOTs/retests: ALL contractors should be recording the total number of MOTs and retests they have completed each day. Even if you are on a contract that includes Technician work if you perform an MOT test or retest note it in the appropriate box for that day. We will be using this information to update information on our website as well as for certain clients passing back this information for reporting purposes.

5) Finally, sign the timesheet at the bottom to verify the information you have entered on the form is correct. Once all this is complete, you then need to make sure that your timesheet is signed/authorised by the client. Please make sure the timesheets are correctly signed off by the client (this must be an authorised signatory, i.e. Centre Manager/Workshop Manager). Please ensure the authorising client fills out both the Branch and Date sections as well as signing the timesheet. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your timesheet is completed fully and correctly signed off as it is proof of completion of a contract and as such is used in the payment processing. If we do not receive it or it is not correctly filled out we cannot invoice our clients and will not be able pay you.

All timesheets need to be faxed or emailed to Autotech Recruit by 9:00am on the Monday of the week following the week worked. Please note that the new timesheet now only has one fax number and a new email address all timesheet should either be faxed or emailed to these and not to any other email or fax number. As we get busier and busier we will not be in a position to be able to fax timesheets to branches following completion of a contract and then chase to get that timesheet back by the deadline each week or likewise chase contractors/clients when timesheets are not fully or correctly completed. We therefore remind you to ensure you have copies of the new timesheet with you when you go to each and every contract.

If you are unable to copy or print a timesheet then let us know in good time and we can put some copies in the post to you. We suggest you keep your timesheet with you each day as contracts can be cancelled at any point. It also means that on the last day you work that week you can make sure your timesheet is signed and it is best practise to ask if you can then fax the timesheet from the branch to the fax number on the timesheet (NB. most of the clients we will be sending you into will have a fax machine that you can use to create a copy of a blank timesheet). Obviously, if it is not possible to fax the timesheet you can email across a copy when you get home.
Our system will send you confirmation that your timesheet has been received, if you do not get confirmation by 10:00am Monday morning then it means your timesheet has not been received but you will already have received a text chasing you to send it to us prior to Monday 9:00am.

If you have any queries with regards to filling out the timesheets, please don’t hesitate to give your Autotech Recruit consultant a call and they will be happy to answer your questions.

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