Freelance Vehicle Technicians Are on the Rise

Freelance Vehicle Technicians Are on the Rise

This article was originally published on 15 October 2018

Freelancing was once considered something which only marketing, IT and accounting execs could do, but today this new way of working is creeping across all industries, with reports stating that one in seven of us will be self-employed by 2020, and the motor trade is certainly not exempt from this.

In fact, demand for temporary technicians in the UK, to cover holiday shortages, sickness, and just the skills gap in general, is increasing at such a rate that there simply isn’t enough temporary technicians available to fill the contracts. Garages up and down the country are currently facing a double-edged sword: send their vehicle technicians on training courses and they risk empty bays, but if they don’t, the pace of technology in the industry is moving at such a rapid rate, that their workforce will not have the right skill set to service these new vehicles, particularly as electric cars become more prevalent. Empty bays could mean a large financial hit to the business, so, as a solution, garage owners are turning to temporary on-tap workforce without committing to costly overheads.

But what’s in it for the temporary vehicle technician? A stint here and there in garages miles apart? Nowadays, nothing is further from the truth. For those who want longer periods of employment in a garage or dealership close to home, the work is out there. The economy thrives on supply and demand and we are functioning within an industry where the demand is high, but the current workforce supply is straining under the weight of it.

For those who have already begun a career as a contract vehicle technician, they have been offered a new lease of life with many citing role variety, flexibility and a greater work-life balance as key advantages. There is also greater potential to earn more as a temporary worker, at least £10k more than in the average permanent vehicle technician role. The best agencies who offer regular temporary contracts can also offer free state of the art manufacturer training, so temporary technicians have the flexibility to upskill, enabling them to work with a wider range of different vehicles and manufacturers. The industry we are in is progressing rapidly and highly skilled temporary technicians are quickly realising their worth. They are grasping each opportunity which comes their way – and these opportunities are coming through in abundance.

If you would like to find out more about working as a freelance vehicle technician or MOT tester with Autotech Recruit, please call us on 01234 240503 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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