Follow These 3 Tips to Find the Best Candidates for Your Automotive Business

Follow These 3 Tips to Find the Best Candidates for Your Automotive Business

This article was originally published on 23 February 2018

To find the most skilled and suitable candidate for your business as quickly as possible, it’s critical to have a strong hiring strategy in place – before the vacant role starts to affect business operations.

Our Managing Director, Gavin White, advises: “Business owners should be working to market their roles effectively, as well as tailoring each advertisement to appeal to skilled technicians.”

“Go above and beyond to provide potential candidates with a variety of career development opportunities and don’t forget the importance of creating a workplace that promotes a good work-life balance.”

Ask yourself the following three questions to ensure that your next job role attracts talented candidates:

  • Are you recruiting on a contract, temporary or permanent basis?

It might not be common knowledge that automotive companies often offer candidates both permanent and contract roles so, as a business, you need to make this clear. If you feel a temporary worker is going to be better suited to your business, it’s best to explain this in the job advertisement and role description, prior to interviewing. This will also stop you receiving applications from candidates who may only be able to work certain hours, or who prefer working on a full-time basis.

There are a number of benefits to hiring new employees on a temporary basis; if you need support on a short-term project, if you’re under pressure to hit targets or if it’s a busy time of year for you, it might be the answer for your business. Be strategic with your hiring process to ensure you’re able to fill the role with the right person in a short amount of time.

  • Have you considered outsourcing?

With the use of recruitment agencies at an all time high, more and more employers across a broad spectrum of industries – not just in the technical automotive sector – are turning to recruiters to help fill vacancies.

If you’ve found that your online job advertisement isn’t drawing the talent you’d hoped for, then it could be time to seek external support. A survey has revealed that 84 percent of businesses who have received support from an external recruiter found the right candidate, showing that recruitment professionals are available to help you hire the best candidates for your business, no matter how specialist the role.

  • Do you have job benefits that will attract candidates?

Competitive salaries are no longer the only way to entice candidates to your business. By offering attractive perks with job roles. you’ll appeal to new recruits whilst creating a positive and balanced attitude to working. Tellingly, 53 percent of employees said that a job role that placed a focus on work-life balance and personal well-being was of paramount importance to them.

If businesses give employees the opportunity to go on courses or receive training to enhance and improve their skills set, they’re also likely to see a boost in candidates applying for jobs. The chance to progress with an employer’s support is a positive sign for job seekers.

Here are Gavin’s top tips for finding candidates in the automotive industry:

  • Communicate – maintain communication throughout the hiring process to create good relationships with potential new hires, learn about their industry experience and demonstrate that you’re keen to hire.
  • Stay on task – define the role early on in order to find the right candidate and keep your recruitment processes efficient. Don’t forget that specialist recruiter are available to support, too.
  • Candidate feedback – once you’ve hired a new recruit, ask them to share their thoughts on your recruitment processes and how you could improve the process for future hires.
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