Insurance Cover and Driving Licence Checks

Insurance Cover and Driving Licence Checks

This article was originally published on 12 June 2015

We want to keep our contractors updated, as best we can, in regard to what our Customer Service and Compliance teams have been up to, dealing with some challenging issues that have arisen in recent days. Those projects have the best interest of our contractors at heart, so please spare a few minutes to read this article in full.

Adequate client insurance

Through February and March, we seemed to have a small rise in accidents through our contractor community. Our clients turned to us to help them resolve those situations and it soon become apparent that some of the excesses on their insurance policies were astronomical.

The above situation drove Autotech Recruit’s Customer Service Manager, Roz Johnson, to contact all of our clients to ascertain what levels of Motor Trade Insurance and Road Risk Insurance covers they have on their policies, if any, so we can record these details on our system.

Roz has started to find that many companies’ policies are open-ended and some are very complex. With the complex ones or those that only have their permanent employees as ‘named drivers’, our contractors should not drive client vehicles on the public roads. It is because we do not want our contractor MOT testers and vehicle technicians to be subjected to legal claims and police enforcement, if they are not adequately covered by the client’s insurance. Once this research is completed over the next few weeks, in the situation when we are aware that the client’s insurance is not adequate, Autotech Recruit consultant will advise each relevant contractor upfront to not drive client vehicles on the public roads.

In the future, we will be issuing this information as part of your job confirmation that you receive by email from your consultant. It will clearly state YES, if you are insured to drive or NO, if you are not. Autotech Recruit will not be taking any responsibility for any contractor that decides to operate outside of this supplied information.

Keeping up to date record of our contractors’ driving licences

As the paper counterparts of any driving licences became replaced by an online driving record service on 8 June 2015 (click here to read more information on, Anna Geddes, our Compliance Controller, will be contacting all of our contractors individually to ask their permission for Autotech Recruit to search the new DVLA system, so we can keep an up to date record of our contractors’ licences. This project goes hand in hand with the work Customer Service Manager is doing, as the majority of our clients do have stipulations in their insurance policy when it comes to driving convictions. We need this information to make sure that all parties are up to date with what your current driving status is.

Please note that this does not necessarily mean that we would not use services of someone who has just been caught speeding. However,  if we are to protect everyone involved, we have to implement more regular checks. Moving forward, once our Compliance Controller received your consent to access your driving record on the DVLA system, she will ask you to supply your driving licence number, NI number and current or previous post codes, so we can run scheduled checks to ensure that everything is at it should be.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

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