Our Contractor Satisfaction Survey 2018 results are in

Our Contractor Satisfaction Survey 2018 results are in

This article was originally published on 29 January 2019

Contractor Satisfaction Survey Results 2018As a contractor for Autotech Recruit we want you to feel like you are a valued member of the team.

While many of you speak to our recruitment consultants on a regular basis, your thoughts on the business and your own personal work environment, are important to us.

As a result, at the end of last year, we asked our contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers to take part in a Contractor Satisfaction Survey, as part of our company’s 8th anniversary celebrations. Our aim was to find out what, in your eyes, we were doing well and what we could improve on.

We were pleased to receive a good response rate of 47%. Here’s a summary of our survey results:

Encouragingly, 91% of you feel positive about freelancing with 92% seeing contracting with Autotech Recruit as a long-term career choice. 88% felt that they were paid fairly, while over 91% felt valued as a contractor.

An astonishing 100% of you are happy working for Autotech Recruit and 94% are willing to recommend us to other people (interestingly, 32% of you have been first introduced to Autotech Recruit through a friend or colleague’s recommendation). 97% of our contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers rated our overall service as either excellent (67%), very good (20%) or good (10%).

Our aim is to support our contractors in their professional development, and many of you are part of our Manufacturer Led Programme, leading to 89% of you feeling positively about the training opportunities offered by Autotech Recruit.

Significantly, only 10% of our temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers would consider leaving contracting with Autotech Recruit for a permanent role, which suggests that freelancing remains an attractive career choice in the automotive aftermarket. Encouragingly, 77% would entrust their search for a permanent opportunity to us.

We’re very grateful to those of you who took their time to write a few additional words in comment boxes. Here is some of your feedback that made our day…

“I’ve been with Autotech Recruit for just over 16 months and love the freedom I get being a contractor. It’s nice going to different places and meeting people and the best bit… I earn better for doing less. Need I say more?!?!”

“After 32 years in the motor trade joining Autotech Recruit is the best thing I ever did. You are made to feel like part of a very close family, paid well, not tied down and free to work as you want. My only regret is not joining them sooner.”

“Since day one I have never been out of work, the guys have been great backup and motivation. This is good money in the real world of the manic world motor trade.”

“Thank you for keeping me at work this year and managing to keep me in work all the way up to Christmas.”

“I started working with Autotech Recruit because of a desperate need for work! My only regret so far has been that I did not start sooner. Manufacturer training and a proper rate of pay being just two of the reasons I continue to work with and enjoy working with Autotech Recruit.”

“If travelling is not an issue to you, it’s the best decision you will ever make. You learn tenfold more than you ever will under a permanent position. Contracting will do more than you can ever imagine for you when it comes to developing yourself as an individual.”

“Great company to work with, always finding you the work you want, where you want and totally flexible with time off for holidays/family things. I wouldn’t go anywhere else… I’ve been spoilt now, anything else is 2nd class!”

Gavin White, Autotech Recruit Managing Director remarked on the results: “We have read through every one of the comments and are delighted that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We will take on board the areas we can improve upon and acknowledge our consultants who continue to work hard to find suitable work placements for our contract vehicle technicians and MOT testers.

“I would like to thank all our contractors for their constant support. With more opportunities and continued improvements to our contractor care programme, our mission is to make 2019 the best year yet!”

Click here to see the results in a .pdf format.

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