Our Code of Conduct for Contractors

Our Code of Conduct for Contractors

This article was originally published on 20 October 2015


We have put together a contractor code of conduct, which sets out the standards Autotech Recruit expects from our MOT Tester and Vehicle Technician contractors.

When starting a new assignment, we have a certain level of expectation from our contractors – after all, you are representing Autotech Recruit to our clients and it is important that we keep up a level of appearance and practice to ensure the work continues to be booked in the future.

If you would like to get involved in helping shape our service or if you have any comments about our Contractor Code of Conduct, please contact us.

Contractor Code of Conduct


  • To be in appropriate work wear clothing or uniform which is supplied by our clients at all times, dressed in a way that will make you safe and looking clean and presentable.
  • To wear your protective footwear or footwear provided by the client and keep them clean and polished.
  • For safety reasons, all jewellery such as watches, rings, chains, etc. should be removed.


  • Bring pride, energy and enthusiasm to everything you do. You are representing our clients, Autotech Recruit Ltd and, more importantly, yourself.
  • Be friendly, interested and customer aware at all times.
  • Take pride in getting the job done right the first time and on time, whilst being safe.
  • All client’s customers must be treated equally.
  • You should be respectful at all times towards customers and colleague alike.

Centre Presentation

  • The workshop is the client’s pride. It should be safe, clean, fresh and cared for at all times.
  • The reception is for customers. It must be clean, presentable and comfortable at all times.
  • The crew room is for your use. You should be as proud of that as the workshop.
  • Customer toilets must be clean and fresh at all times. Please clean up after yourself.
  • Workshop floors must be kept free of hazards and old parts, which must be disposed of after each job in the correct manner.
  • All equipment should be cleaned down at the end of each job and any faulty equipment reported to the Manager or Supervisor.
  • All breaks, eating and drinking must be done in the rest room. Eating in front of customers is not permitted and smoking in most cases is permitted in the designated areas only.

Working Practices

  • Be safe, be respectful and follow clients’ procedures for your protection and the protection of others.
  • Treat the customer’s car with respect at all times, fit seat covers drive the car carefully, do not speed and be guided on and off ramps where necessary.
  • You must only work on projects you have been trained, qualified or assessed as competent to do so. Always where possible have your work checked by a qualified colleague.
  • Only QC work you have been trained or assessed on and then follow the QC procedure in full.
  • You should be present at work and ready to welcome customers at the times given by your consultant at Autotech Recruit.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on site of any of our clients.
  • Smoking must be conducted in a designated area which will be established when the contract starts.
  • Personal calls must not be taken during working hours. If an Autotech Recruit consultant needs to contact you and you cannot answer your phone, we may call the branch and ask to speak to you.

If you’re interested in starting a career as an MOT technician you can complete our MOT tester training course.


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