Congratulations to Kris, our Star Contractor of the Month for March 2019!

Congratulations to Kris, our Star Contractor of the Month for March 2019!

This article was originally published on 26 April 2019

March 2019 star contract vehicle technician of the month

Congratulations to Kris, our ‘Star Contractor of the Month’ for March 2019!

Kris has been with Autotech Recruit for 3 years now and in this time he has earned himself a great reputation amongst our team and clients for his strong work ethic. He is a highly skilled vehicle and motorcycle technician and definitely one of our greatest ambassadors.

Kris, thank you for all your professionalism and loyalty to Autotech Recruit!

We have recently asked Kris a few questions about his experience as a vehicle technician and his time with Autotech Recruit. Here’s what he told us…

What made you become a technician?

I kind of fell into it really. It wasn’t something I chose to do but I soon realised I loved fixing cars.

What is your favourite make of car and why?

Audi R8, because they look awesome and are becoming almost affordable.

What is the best car you have ever got to fix?

The new BMW M5, very impressive.

If you weren’t a technician, what would you be?

Professional motorcycle racer – a dream job for me!

What 3 words sum up your work with Autotech Recruit?

Flexible, varied, lucrative.

What is your perfect Sunday?

It would be 24 hours longer so I can spend time bombing round a racetrack on the Fireblade, take the dogs to the beach with the girlfriend, spend some quality time with my little girl and eat a big old Sunday roast.

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