Autotech Academy Announces New College Partnerships

Autotech Academy Announces New College Partnerships

This article was originally published on 2 July 2021

Since launching its innovative internship program earlier this year, Autotech Academy is now officially linked to seven colleges, with internship programmes for qualified students now underway.

Autotech Academy is now linked to 7 FE colleges

The partnerships will help talented students, equipped with the skills the industry vitally needs, to get their foot on the automotive career ladder through a paid internship.

Colleges that have now signed up to Autotech Academy include Chesterfield, Bridgwater & Taunton, Derby, Milton Keynes, Sheffield, West Lothian, and Newcastle.

Acting as a conduit between the colleges and automotive employers, Autotech Academy is sourcing the internship opportunities for students, equipping them with their first toolbox and uniform, and providing ongoing support and training over a period of 3-12 months until they make the transition into full-time employment. Every intern will also be trained to Level 3 IMI Electric Vehicle accreditation.

Capitalising on its excellent reputation with automotive employers and colleges, Autotech Group launched Autotech Academy as a route to fill the automotive skills funnel, while helping time-poor, independent garages, dealer groups, and vehicle manufacturers recruit newly skilled technicians.

Despite the best efforts of UK colleges, around 10,000 students are lost to other industries each year as they struggle to secure an automotive role. While armed with theoretical knowledge, they have limited practical experience which deters some employers.

Autotech Academy is set to smooth these recruitment bottlenecks, and create a cohort of skilled, experienced vehicle technicians which will help sustain the future of the industry.

“We are delighted that we have partnered with so many colleges and hope that, over the coming months, many more will join us,” comments Dave Walker, National Careers Manager for Autotech Academy. “Each of the colleges offer fantastic automotive divisions and, through our allegiance, we will work to enhance the employment opportunities of their students, ensuring that the skills taught at each of the colleges remain within the automotive industry.”

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