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Our People Mission

Our people will feel empowered, so they can work, learn and grow together.

Our people will feel respected, included and individually important, so they can be more creative, progressive, and successful.

Our people will feel healthy, safe and together, so they can create a more fulfilled, productive and profitable workspace.

Our people will see us constantly pushing the boundaries and progressing in areas we need to improve.

CORE Values

Our core values are the central, underlying philosophies that guide Autotech Group and its employees. These beliefs also influence the way a company interacts with partners, clients, and shareholders. Our core values have been years in the making and through focus groups, brainstorming, looking to our customers, questionnaires and culture observation, the results speak for themselves.

We have collated four core values that will drive and motivate us, lead us to a greater sense of belonging and guide us to excellence.
Autotech Group Core Values are more than just words in a booklet or on a wall of the office – they are deeply rooted in the business because we all believe in them. Our entire workforce live these values day in, day out.

CoreValues - Together & Experts


Our business is a people business. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, united as a team, in the pursuit of a common goal. We empower, encourage and enable each other. We are our greatest ambassadors.

We are Experts

We are knowledgeable and have a unique understanding of our industry. We maintain our competitive advantage and can deliver excellence and an expert view adding value to the experience of our customers.

We are Progressive

We are a disrupter and push away from the norm. We take a stand and believe in our mission. We're passionate about our purpose and we're open in communication. To be progressive is to listen, and to act on what you hear.

We are Professional

We constantly portray reliability, consistency and honesty. We deliver outcomes to high standards and timescales and our people are accountable for their actions.

CoreValues - Professional & Progressive

Rewards &

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At Autotech Group, our people are our greatest asset. We pledge that we will continuously review, improve and do the best for our people where required.

One of our aims is to offer mutually beneficial company benefits and competitive salaries.


Our holiday year runs from 1st January to 31st December. All employees are entitled to 20 days holiday per annum, plus bank holidays. For part time employees this is pro-rata.

Additional holiday entitlement
After 2 years' service at Autotech Group, you will be entitled to 1 extra day annual leave (added from the following January).

After 4 years' service at Autotech Group, you will be entitled to a further 1-day annual leave (added from the following January), therefore after 4 years service, your holiday entitlement will be 22 days plus bank holidays.

Buying and selling annual leave
In December each year, we offer staff the opportunity to buy up to 5 additional days annual leave for the following year.

We also allow anyone who has annual leave entitlement over the statutory amount to sell days back to the business.

This benefit is available to all permanent employees. The benefit is three times your annual salary. You are able to nominate beneficiaries by completing a nomination form.

Every employee of Autotech Group, Recruit, Academy and Training receive an element of performance-based commission. Some roles are higher commissioned than others, but are all are rewarded for contributing to the business. We believe that commission shouldn't be a thing just for sales teams, but it should incentivise everyone!

We are working on a Group share scheme for the future so keep your eyes peeled.

We offer a pension plan administered by The Peoples Pension. You will be automatically enrolled onto the scheme after your probation period. Autotech Group will pay 4%.

Access to a huge range of discounts and healthcare staff benefits, from money saving deals and vouchers, including travel and holiday deals, top hotel discounts, relaxing airport lounge and airport parking discounts, mouth-watering restaurant deals, money off fashion fixes, through to deals on mobile phones, utilities and gym membership all provided by Autotech Group to all employees via Sage EAP.

Sage EAP also offers counselling support, online GP appointments and general health and wellbeing advice and support.

Our employer supported volunteering policy allows one day paid leave a year for volunteering for our chosen charities, Macmillan, BEN and Wheelwrights.

Autotech Group have partnered with the Electric Car Scheme offering employees the opportunity to benefit from a salary sacrifice scheme to enable employees to lease or take out a subscription for the supply of an electric car. This scheme offers employees £5,000-15,000 off an electric car, through government tax benefits.

Autotech Group also pay 50% towards the cost of an electric car charger to be installed at home.

Service length and employee age conditions apply.

Every employee has a personal development plan and is given a platform via their performance reviews to propose work based and personal development needs.

Continuous professional development records are expected across the business enabling us to promote from within and grow our own.

Our employees are key to our success. That’s why we encourage them to develop so they can move forward, find new challenges and opportunities, achieve their personal goals and get the most out of their career.

One of our People Strategic Plan goals is to Grown Our Own, but not just upwards. We want you to have the chance to move into different roles and into different areas if you’d like to expand your experience.

You’ll receive on-the-job training to help get you up to speed as quickly as possible, as well as having regular check-ins with your manager and annual performance reviews, where you’ll be able to discuss your long-term goals and aspirations.

Mentoring is a great way of learning from your peers. If you feel you would benefit from a mentor, talk to your manager.

Help yourself to fresh fruit delivered to the office each week to encourage healthier living.

The Autotech Group offices are located in central Milton Keynes where free parking is unheard of! But not here, we have dedicated spaces for all of our employees and these are all free of charge to use.

The Autotech Group offices are located on the edge of Linford Wood, making a lunchtime walk in the fresh air not to be missed. We encourage employees to get outside and away from their desk whilst on breaks. We also have access to local pay as you go bikes and e-scooters on the office grounds.

We are continuously working on employee benefits and reward to ensure we attract the best talent, retain the amazing talent we already have and to achieve our aim of becoming an employer of choice in the Milton Keynes area.

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