Tech Me Out: How the Industry Needs to Lure Back Leaving Technicians

July 25th, 2018|

By Gavin White, Managing Director, Autotech Recruit* According to reports, car manufacturers and garage owners say they can’t hire the skilled talent they need and, as the baby boomers retire in their droves, there is set to be a surplus of jobs going begging. Couple this with column inches on the fact that the younger, so-called Generation Z don’t want [...]

Understanding the New MOT Rules: Using Video to Create Further Transparency

July 23rd, 2018|

At a time when consumers are demanding transparency, convenience and personalisation, the new MOT rules add an additional layer of confusion for motorists when it comes to car repairs.   A recent RAC survey of 1,866 motorists found that 49% were confused by the ‘Minor’ category, assuming this would mean an automatic fail, when it fact it means the vehicle [...]

Job Gazumping in the Automotive Aftermarket: What Would It Take for Aftermarket Workers to Accept a Counter-Offer?

July 9th, 2018|

New research launched by Autotech Recruit has revealed that ‘job gazumping’ is having a big impact on the automotive aftermarket industry*. Due to pressing factors - such as the skills shortage that has been affecting the industry over recent years - just how much is the gazumping phenomenon impacting the sector? Key findings: • More than half (55%) of the [...]

Busting the Contractor Myths

June 15th, 2018|

For MOT testers or vehicle technicians looking for a new role or career progression, it’s critical to have a comprehensive understanding of the employment contract options that are available, and what each one entails. Recent research has revealed that, perhaps unsurprisingly, the most popular jobs are those that allow people to have greater flexibility. In fact, many would argue that [...]

Tips on How to Find the Best Candidates for Your Business

May 15th, 2018|

For automotive businesses running lean operations, having an open position could cause a serious problem. That’s why it’s critical that employers have a strong hiring strategy in place to fuel the pipeline to enable them to select the most suitable, skilled and appropriate candidates quickly before the vacant role affects the business. With most sectors forecasting their strongest outlooks in [...]

Retaining Experienced and Ageing Candidates in the Automotive Aftermarket

March 16th, 2018|

With the UK’s older working population only set to grow in the coming years, it’s time to re-evaluate how the industry deals with older workers, with a view to challenging them to develop their skills rather than sidelining them. In recent years, the pension age has increased and we’re seeing more people work for longer than ever before. For business [...]