The Government is currently analysing the feedback from the public consultation regarding reducing the frequency of MOT testing of a car or motorcycle from three years to four.

The consultation closed on 16 April 2017 and in the meantime, we’d like to share with you a response to the proposed changes submitted by the ProMOTe, a broad-based campaign supported by road safety groups, motoring organisations and industry bodies, including the IMI, NTDA and IAAF (Autotech Recruit are members of all three organisations). The response is opposing those plans, considering them dangerous, expensive and unnecessary, and urges the Government to rethink the proposed changes to current MOT legislation.

Whilst the government is now analysing the feedback, you can familiarise yourself with the ProMOTe response to the consultation, which strongly suggested that moving the first MOT for the majority of vehicles from 3 years to 4 years would increase and directly contribute towards the numbers of fatalities, serious injuries and other injuries caused to drivers, other road users and pedestrians.

Click here to read the ProMOTe’s response.