Summary of the DVSA’s MOT Testing Service Latest Functions

Summary of the DVSA’s MOT Testing Service Latest Functions

DVSA has released an article The changing face of the MOT testing service on DVSA’s Matters of Testing blog to outline and remind the MOT trade of some of the functions and things which have been added to the service over the past couple of months.

Below is a summary of the service’s latest functions:

As of Thursday, 10 December 2015

  • testers can record the time of a contingency test within the service. This wasn’t previously possible and led to Site Managers receiving incorrect reports that contingency tests had been carried out at 1am on the day of the test. DVSA was to contact testers this week to explain how they’ll need to make a note of the actual time of the contingency test on the relevant CT document (i.e. by noting somewhere on the document) as there currently isn’t a specific field for them to do this on the CT forms
  • testers will be presented with the brake weight for a vehicle before the ‘Test results’ page. The brake weight (if found) will now appear on the ‘Confirm test’ page when they need it and before they need to enter brake test results
  • users will be able to see their site assessment risk score and band (up until mid-September 2015) on their ‘Site details’ page. Sites who’ve had an assessment since mid-September should have their score updated by early in the New Year

Here’s a list and brief explanation of the other functions which have been recently added to the service:

  • all MOT trade users can disassociate themselves from a role at a particular AE or site
  • Reasons for Rejection (RFRs) listed within the service now link to the relevant sections of the relevant MOT inspection manual
  • test numbers and VINs have been added to the CSV file version of the service’s test reports
  • all users can view reports showing the tests performed at a site (test logs)

If you have any suggestions or questions about the above, please email them to

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